Water Revitalizing Technology
Produces Pure Living Water

Naturally improve the taste feel and smell of your tap water by returning living force energies like those found in natural spring waters and waterfalls.

Completely recyclable, no electricity needed, installs in seconds, affordable on any budget, guaranteed for 5 years.

Aqualizer Products


Home and Garden Aqualizer 3/4″

Suitable for most homes and apartments. Installed on your 3/4″ to 1″ diameter mains water pipe, after the water meter, it will provide Living Water to every tap and source of water in your entire home.

Price: $129.00

Under Sink Aqualizer 3/8″

Allows you to benefit from revitalized water, energized from the source, in your kitchen on a daily basis. It will provide you with Living Water to benefit cooking, rinsing your fruits and vegetables, washing up and for your drinking water.

Price: $49.00 Out of stock

Aqualizer Ripple for Bath and Shower Water

A dedicated unit for your shower or bath. Simply screwed on and fitted before your shower head, the Ripple has a dual action of revitalising your shower water whilst simultaneously stimulating frequencies and promoting smoother skin and silkier hair.

Price: $49.00

MiniBar, Filter and Coffee Machine Aqualizer

Makes your water sweet and refreshing, and gives your coffee that exquisite, gourmet taste. Revitalized water gives your coffee a rich flavour and smooth texture, neutralizes its bitterness or sourness and softens the taste of frothed milk.

Price: $39.00 Out of stock
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Aqualizers for Home, Business and Garden

Installed simply and quickly in your home or business these Aqualizers convert your tap water to pure living water.

Aqualizers for when you are out and about

Personal ‘go-anywhere’ Aqualizers enable you to produce your pure living water when you are on-the-go.


  • "The garden is flourishing, my wife says her hair is silkier and easier to wash and the water we drink has lost it's chemical taste."
    - Mick - NOWRA, NSW.

  • "I just love the fact that the the water tastes right and that I use less cleaning detergents in my home."
    - Angela - BONDI, NSW.

  • "The pool feels like a lake, the shower like a spring and the chlorine smell has gone from our tap water"
    - Keren - QUEENS PARK, NSW.