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The Aquanity Aqualizer
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Dr. Batmanghelidj Explains

Dr B., the World Renowned Water Health Expert from, tells us that Natural Pure Water is the best choice and that if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and long term health, that you should make water a habit and a priority in your life.
Living Water is water which has a strong natural life force energy. It’s natural resonance frequencies and properties are like those found in nature. Revitalized Water is, in essence, Living Water. The Aqualizer Water Revitalizing Technology produces Living Water and restores natural properties to tap water and all water suitable for consumption.

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No. The Aquanity Aqualizers do not filter water. They restore natural, vital and purifying energies and frequencies to water which has been lost on it’s way to your home. It can be used, and is even recommended to use the product together with a water filter.

Although water filters clean water of toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and the like, the water that passes through them is still “dead” per se. Having gone through pipes under pressure with chemicals added on the way, and then removed by your filter under more pressure the water you use, may be clean but has lost all it’s natural vitality and energies.

The Aqualizers replace this! – From the tests we have made filtered water with an Aqualizer attached is even tastier and lighter than the filtered water that has not be revitalized.

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Absolutely. In fact, having your children drink revitalized water and take baths or wash in it is better for their bodies, hair and skin than with the standard tap or bottled water you most probably currently use.

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The Source Aqualizers are made from an advanced recyclable and environmentally safe silicone compound with embedded metals and minerals. The metals and minerals have been ‘signed’, (or ‘stamped’ or ‘sealed’) with energetic frequencies that produce the Pure Living Water. These resonating energetic frequencies have their revitalising effect on the water once installed around a pipe. Although having no actual physical contact with the water flowing through the pipe the resonance energies have their effect due to the proximity.

We guarantee the Aquanity on-pipe, or source Aqualizers for 5 years. Following 5 years of use send us your old Aqualizer and receive a brand new replacement at at discounted rate. With respect to the bottles and coasters, as long as the print is 50% visible these Aqualizers will be effective.

Absolutely. In nature animals prefer to drink Living Water over all other sources.

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