Drinking Water Tap or Under Sink Aqualizer 13mm

Aqualizer 13mm water revitaliser
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The Aqualizer 13mm fitting will suit filtered water taps like for those systems found beneath your kitchen sink that provide you with filtered water.

Our Aqualizers are designed to further improve filtered drinking water by returning ‘Life’ and vitality which has been lost through the delivery and filtering processes.

The Aqualizer 13mm, alike all of our water improving products, does not need any maintenance or replacement, need no power or electricity and last for 5 years.
Price: $49.00 Out of stock

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Better Water Everyday!


  • "The garden is flourishing, my wife says her hair is silkier and easier to wash and the water we drink has lost it's chemical taste."
    - Mick - NOWRA, NSW.

  • "I just love the fact that the the water tastes right and that I use less cleaning detergents in my home."
    - Angela - BONDI, NSW.

  • "The pool feels like a lake, the shower like a spring and the chlorine smell has gone from our tap water"
    - Keren - QUEENS PARK, NSW.