For Your Family

Today’s advanced water treatment technology mixed
with the vitality of natural materials and energies
from the purest sources available brings you a
revolutionary product you can enjoy in your home every day.

Nature & Technology
for a better life.

Uses the most advanced resonance inducing technology which allows low cost manufacturing with the best results and with no compromise.
Naturally improve the taste feel and smell of your tap water by returning living force energies like those found in natural spring waters and waterfalls.
Completely recyclable, no electricity needed, installs in seconds, affordable on any budget, guaranteed for 5 years.

Home and Garden

Aqualizer 3/4″

Suitable for homes and apartments.
Installed on your 3/4″ to 1″ diameter
mains water pipe, after the water meter,
it will provide Living Water to every tap
and source of water in your entire home.

Price: 149$


Bath and Shower

Aqualizer Ripple 1/2″

A dedicated unit for your shower or bath.
Simply screwed on and fitted before your shower head,
the Ripple has a dual action of revitalising your shower water whilst simultaneously
stimulating frequencies and promoting smoother skin and silkier hair.

Price: $89.00


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