History of the Aquanity Living Water Aqualizers

Zephyr Shifron – A Personal History

Founder of the method, the applications and technology


In 1995 there was a dramatic turn in my life when I discovered the method of personal balance developed by Dr Edward Bach (Batch) – The method currently known as “Bach Remedies” or the “Bach Flower Remedy System“. Born in Israel, father of 7 children and living in the Upper Galilee, I began to learn the Bach system on my own path, and quickly found myself treating myself on levels that until then I used to ignore. In retrospect, the amazing effect of Bach’s flower essences directed me to the path of my life – I found my path as a healer an natural therapist. I followed my destiny into the Technology behind what I had learnt and developed a method whereby I found it possible to translate “Healing Energy” into different applications and material products.


I decided to produce flower essences from natural sources in Israel, used them myself, paying close attention to the changes occurring within me – beginning with the spiritual and emotive changes, and later I was aware of connections to physical and bodily changes and improvements occurring. At this point I began to develop and design different formulas, blends of Israeli Wild flowers, for my own benefit – and for treating physical symptoms like headaches and for the support of some emotional and spiritual aspects of life like relaxation. Most of our troubles are generally a result of the combination of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual interactions, for example, I specialized and focused on “Bach“, provided advice and consultation to others and taught the Bach Remedies, whilst trying to be loyal to the Bach Method – HEAL THY SELF. Between the years of 1996 to 1998 I produced over 250 extracts (and blends) of Israeli wildflowers and learnt how to distinguish and categorise their effects and benefits.


In 1998 I produced my first Energetic Pendants. I discovered that the positive effects of the extracts and essences embedded in the pendants were as effective as if they had been swallowed (as is done in traditional Bach therapy), and in some cases were even more effective. In 1999 and 2000, I found that it was not necessary to use alcohol in the floral extraction process or to contain the extracts and essences in alcohol, but could base the entire process on water alone. Simultaneously, I developed a formula that combined water from various natural sources with flower extracts in order to “purify” water – to yield and produce “energetically pure water“. It was my aim to produce this “energetically pure water“. This was the birth of a new method – “The Zephyr Seal Method“.


The first flask I created with the specific composition and formula I had developed was in essence the first implementation of “Living Water“. Out of sheer curiosity, and for the fun of it, I decided to test the effect of that formula on the water in my home. In the days following my family noticed that the flavor of the water had changed – that it had improved, it was more efficient and better at cleaning as well as other phenomena. During that time I gave other flasks of my “Living Water” to interested friends and acquaintances – and left it at that. In 2005, following my discovery of an Austrian device (Grander), that transformed tap water into “Living Water” via a technical process of energetic induction I understood immediately, that in fact, that it was exactly what I had developed by way of natural extracts and essences. I then produced the first “official” prototype of my “Living Water” device.

The Company

In 2010 – AQUANITY Living Water Tech LTD was established. The technological breakthrough opened some new and exciting possibilities in bringing the message of “Living Water” to every household, tap and person of producing simple, efficient and extremely affordable products and devices, with the message of “Living Water”, to every home, tap and person. Today, outside of our current “Living Water” product range, we are developing new products at very attractive prices, such that each and every person can use and benefit from “Living Water“, anywhere, at any time. “Living Water” is an excellent base for energetic balance.

The Products

The AQUANITY “Aqualizer” is the foundation for the improvement of water in the home or for personal use. The range of products are intended to be used with drinking water and for the home, however, in the future, they will be adapted to use for other hot and cold beverages as well.

Thank You

I sincerely thank you for the time you have taken to read this, and for your interest in the history of the development of the AQUANITY range of “Living Water” Aqualizers, and invite you to join the AQUANITY family. – Zephyr Shifron –