Water Research Center

Recent study conducted by the Israeli Water Research Center in Tel Aviv university examined variety of parameters of Aquanity water (see attached research). The study shows significant improvement in the values of turbidity, electrical conductivity, plant growth, decomposition and bacteria development, solubility, limescale sedimentation and taste test. In particular, turbidity values were significantly lower than bulk water (71% improvement), as well as electrical conductivity (18% better conductivity). Aquanity technology received the best results in all parameters compared with other water enhancement solutions examined under the same study. Aquanity technology is based on the induction of unique energetic frequencies designated to restore the memory of their natural flowing.

Aquanity technology may contribute to varied applicable fields. From agriculture, ecology and food industry, to electric engineering, cell biology and medicine. The technology can be implemented on any volume of water, as well as any container material, which can be an important advantage for many aspects industry implementation. Aquanity owns the intellectual property rights for the technology.

Aquanity welcomes further research and technological cooperation.

For the full research, here: Aquanity Water Report

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