The Aquanity Solution

Today, outside of our current “Living Water” product range,
we are developing new products at very attractive prices,
such that each and every person can use and benefit from “Living Water“, anywhere, at any time.
Living Water” is an excellent base for energetic balance.

The Problem!

Water, as it currently flows from the taps in our homes, offices, restaurants and businesses has been most seriously degraded. One could call it ‘Sleep Waterʼ. It has had chemicals added, been forced through old pipes and pumps under pressure, been filtered, flowed passed electrical disturbances, under roads, etc. and has undergone a host of other influences which all have major negative impacts on the natural frequencies, structure and vitality of the water we use on a daily basis.

The Solution!

The AQUANITY Aqualizer devices, based on innovative natural technology and FFE (Free Flowing Energy), have the ability to revitalize the water we use – Simply, efficiently and effectively – Providing each of us with Living Water in our homes, businesses and daily life.

What is Living Water or revitalized Water?


A blend of both nature and technology for a better life.

Today’s advanced water treatment technology mixed
with the vitality of natural materials and energies from the purest sources available
brings you a revolutionary product you can enjoy in your home every day.

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