Save Your Garden

Today’s advanced water treatment technology mixed
with the vitality of natural materials and energies
from the purest sources available brings you a
revolutionary product you can enjoy in your home every day.

Healthy Garden

The AQUANITY range of Aqualizer products, based on innovative natural technology have the ability to revitalize the water we use –Simply, efficiently and effectively –Providing each of us with Living Water in our homes your home every day.


  • Better tasting water
  • Better smelling water
  • Increased efficiency of cleaning products
  • A strong life-force charge (Chi)
  • Plants, animals and humans gain improved health and balance
  • Increased water consumption supporting better health

Home and Garden

Aqualizer 3/4″

Suitable for homes and apartments.
Installed on your 3/4″ to 1″ diameter
mains water pipe, after the water meter,
it will provide Living Water to every tap
and source of water in your entire home.

Price: 129$



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