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In the period between Dec. 2016 and May, 2017, a series of scientific experiments was conducted at Prof. Dror Avisar's hydrochemistry laboratory at the Israeli Water Research Institute, in order to examine the claim that Aquanity fresh water technology creates a better quality and tastier water compared to tap water. This work may shed new light regarding the possibility that this technology does improve the quality of drinking water. This research was conducted using purely scientific tools and methods. Samples of tap water and oxygenated tap water were used as control groups. The research team included Prof. Dror Avisar, the head of the Water Research Centre at Tel Aviv University, and the head of the Hydrochemistry lab as a senior tutor, Mr. Gili Levine, a water and environment engineer, who initiated and managed the research, and Miss Rima Gnaim, a third year biology and geography student, as part of an Honors program in which she participates.

Experiment #1 - Solubility - Determining the degree of solubility of coarse salt and white sugar in various water samples

Experiment 1a: Solubility of coarse salt in water

The rationale of this experiment was to examine whether solubility values in Aquanity water differ from those of tap water. Solubility is usually determined by the maximum amount (in grams) of dissolved matter in 100 ml of a solvent up to a saturated solution in a certain temperature. First, 50 grams of coarse salt were weighed, mixing each time a few grams of the salt until a saturated solution is reached. The amount of salt left is weighed again and subtracted from the total amount to determine the amount of


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