Let’s make everything clear!
Why Aquanity?
Aquanity improves the quality, taste and texture of your water with winning affordably and effectiveness.
What are the goals of Aquanity?
Simple we want to see more people drinking and using tap water.
Is the Aqualizer a type of filter?
No. It has no filtering function.
What does the device actually do?
By the time your water gets piped into your home it loses its vitality and natural resonance. Aquanity Aqualizer, based on our advanced energetic resonance technology, revitalizes water as it flows and returns natural qualities.
How will I know that the Aqualizer is working?
Before installing Aquanity we recommend doing the taste experiment you can read all about it at Tel Aviv University Research. We also encourage you to try the other experiments just like the ones done at Tel Aviv University to see the results for yourself.
How long has Aquanity and the Aqualizer existed?
The technology was developed 15 years ago and the Aqualizer in different variations has been produced and sold for the past 8 years.
How do I know that after a year the device is still effective?
Just pop it off from the pipe for a few days and see if you feel the difference.
Does Aquanity Aqualizer work on all types of pipes?
Yes, Aquanity works on all types of pipes including copper iron and plastic, etc.
Do Aqualizers come in larger diameters for larger plumbing?
Available soon:
  • 8 mm for coffee machines
  • 1″ for main pipe
  • 1.5″ for swimming pools
  • 2″ for buildings
Is one Aqualizer enough?
Yes. One Aquanity device is sufficient (placed on your mains water pipe) but, of course, it depends on the size of the house/apartment. We advise the placing of 2 units (or more) – one at the mains water entrance and one inside nearer your appliances (eg. Underneath the kitchen sink, in the laundry for the washing machine or at the in-pipe of your boiler/water heater).
Is there scientific evidence that the device and technology works?
Yes. You can read all about it at Tel Aviv University Research.
What is Aquanity going to develop next?
Glass drinking bottles, coasters, food coasters for the refrigerator and a garden device
How does Aqualizer affect food?
Aquanity water intensifies flavors – In Israel, Aqualizers are installed in a number of amazing restaurants and the results are great. Food keeps fresh longer too.
Will Aqualizer affect my drinking during the day?
From our experience we have seen people simply just start drinking more water because it tastes and feels better – even swallowing feels smoother.
How does the Aqualizer affect limescale build up?
Amazingly, it makes limescale flush and it is washed away with waterflow.
What about animals?
We understand that animals, given a choice, will most often choose better water.
Place 2 drinking bowls with water apart from each other – One with regular tap water and One with Aquanity water. See what happens.
How the device affects agriculture?
We have executed a number of farming experiments with the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture on two equally sized fields of radishes.
From very preliminary results we recorded the need for 20% less water on the field watered with Aquanity water and also we recorded an increase by 15% in the tubers.
Does the device influence swimming pool water?
This is a field that has not been tested yet but in salt-based pool from what we have seen it gives excellent results particularly regarding the reduction in accumulation of crystals and scale.
Terms and policies
Does Aqaunity come with a warranty?
Aquanity comes with a 5 year warranty – but we expect it will last for much longer.
If I am not satisfied can I get a refund?
We believe in our technology and our products but if you are not satisfied you have three months to send it back and get a full refund on your purchase. You do not need the original packaging or the invoice – Just send it back and we will send your money back without any questions.
Don’t you think that price is too high?
Originally creating devices that cost over $1,000, after many years of development and investment we have been able to produce a device at both the optimal price and effectiveness level we had aimed for.
So, in our opinion, we provide a winning device and compared to our competitors we are really cheap, and we are just fine with that – you win.
Why should I sign up for the Aquanity Newsletter?
Subscribers to our newsletter are kept up to date about new products, developments and specials. Your privacy is important to us and your information is not used for any external purpose.