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Aquanity structured water technology 

Structured water, sometimes called hexagonal water or biological water, refers to water with hexagonal cluster structure, which is an energetically efficient form. New research on water, led by Prof. Gerald Pollack from Washington university, has discovered that water has a fourth phase which is between liquid and solid, with molecular arrangement of H3O2. Water in Nature, such as spring water, waterfalls and glaciers, as well as water in fruits and vegetables and even in our own body cells are naturally structured.

Water that has been handled or contaminated by human processes loses their natural structured form. The Aqualizer device has a special technology that revitalises the water back to its natural structure through resonance information transfer. Water flows through the Aqualizer system which utilizes geometric patterns and transforms the water into H3O2. This information is able to transfer without ever coming in direct contact with the flow of water. In this way, water is naturally stabilised and biologically improved. The effect of the Aqualizer device remains constant over time, regardless of the application purposes.

Structured water have different properties from regular water, they are more viscous and more alkaline than regular water, they are negatively charged, and have about 10 percent higher density than regular water. These properties make structured water more vital and more available to biological processes.

The Aqualizer device has been scientifically tested in the Water Science Center and the following was found for Aquanity water:
● 71% improvement in turbidity
● 18% improvement in electrical conductivity
● 40% improvement in plant root growth
● No decomposition and No bacteria development
● No limescale
● 3.5% shorter boiling time

The full research can be found here.

The structure of water is highly important to our health. Our body consists of 2/3 water, and if you look at the number of molecules it even comes to 99% of the molecules in our body are water molecules. Once we start looking into how the water in our body affects biological processes, our DNA, proteins and enzymes, and cell communication, it really becomes apparent that it truly is all about our water.