Aquanity Aqualizer



Improve the quality, taste and texture of your tap water! AQUALIZER is a water revitalization device based on advanced energetic resonance technology. It’s made of a single piece of our uniquely developed silicone, that fits easily onto the plumbing in your home. The energetic frequency carried into the water breaks down sedimentation and slows down organic material decomposition improving the purity of the water continuously.

Product Benefits

Better Taste – Get rid of metallic and chlorine aftertastes associated with regular hard tap water.

Better Quality – AQUALIZER continuously enhances the purity of the water using clean energy-based technology without chemicals.

Better Value – Cut down costs associated with purchasing of mineral water or replacement of electrical appliances due to sedimentation, rust and mold.

The AQUALIZER is an easy-to-use device that fits easily onto the plumbing in your home. Made from a single piece of our uniquely developed silicone, it does not contain any magnetic, chemical or perishable parts.

  1. Martin Sekel (store manager)

    We have been using Aquanity Aqualizers for almost 10 years. I’ve tested friends with plain tap water against “Aqualized” water and every one tastes the difference. In fact twice in the past 5 years my son and I noticed that the tap water in the kitchen tasted and smelled strange – sure enough the Aqualizer had been left off the pipe by the plumber when he came to work on the pipes. I reckon every home should have at least one. I’ve even got one on the tap of our water balloon unit.

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