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A Hydration Guide to H3O2 Water: Everything to Know

Americans drink more than 14.4 billion gallons of bottled water a year. Are we super thirsty, or does bottled water just tastes better than tap water?
Maybe both.

Tap water is treated to ensure it's safe to drink. But the process adds chemicals like chlorine that affect the flavor. And it strips the water of its structure, rendering it less effective at hydrating us.

Though bottled water might taste better, it may not be any better for us than tap water. But H3O2 water is. Here's what you need to know about this remarkable thirst quencher.

The Importance of Hydration
Human bodies are about 60% water. And we lose some of that water every day through our metabolic processes, breathing, sweating, and waste elimination. So, it's important to replenish that lost water daily.

Dehydration adversely affects our bodies, sleep patterns, cognitive abilities, and mood. Being well hydrated helps regulate our body temperature, lubricate our joints, and keep our organs and cells functioning at their best.

We get about 20% of the water our bodies need from the food we eat. The rest, we have to drink. And some beverages are naturally better for rehydrating your body than others.

Drinking water is widely regarded as the best way to get hydrated. But what kind of water should you drink? Emerging science indicates that drinking structured water benefits our bodies more than plain bottled or tap water.

What Is H3O2 Structured Water?
There's no doubt the cleanest, purest water is the best water for us. The purest natural water is structured water found deep within the earth and inside fruits and vegetables.  
It's also the kind of water our cells use to move nutrients around our bodies. Our cells are filled with cytoplasm that facilitates all our cell processes. The water in that cytoplasm is structured water.

Most of us are familiar with tap water or H2O. At the molecular level, regular tap water contains two hydrogen atoms bonded with an oxygen atom. The molecules are constantly moving, with no innate structure. 

Structured water has a different, unadulterated molecular composition. H3O2 water (known chemically as hydroxide) contains three hydrogen atoms bonded with two oxygen atoms. It's called structured water or H3O2 structured water because the molecules form hexagonal clusters.

H3O2 Water Benefits
Switching from ordinary tap water or bottled water to H2O3 structured water may be the single most important thing you can do for your health. It's water in its purest form, like the clean, uncontaminated water found in mountain springs and glacier melt. Pure water is better.

Tastes Better
When we reach for a glass of water, we're looking for something cool, clean, and crisp to quench our thirst. But when that first sip tastes of harsh metals or chemicals, it's anything but refreshing.

H3O2 water is different. It's much purer than regular tap water, so it naturally tastes better.

When we make H3O2 water using energetic resonance, the process breaks down limescale and removes the metallic taste from tap water. The process makes structured water smoother and more refreshing. 

Better Hydration
Drinking structured water may be the single best way to get hydrated. That's because H3O2 water is water in its purest form. Its hexagonal structure means it's the water our bodies crave.

By its very nature, the hexagonal form of structured water energizes it. So, it passes that energy on to us when we drink it, revitalizing our cells. 

Faster Cell Recover
H3O2 water is the kind of water the cytoplasm in our cells needs to function optimally. Structured water moves minerals and nutrients into cells more efficiently. And it helps cells evacuate waste more, resulting in faster cell recovery.

Natural Detox
Because H2O3 water removes toxins from cells more efficiently, it helps rid our bodies of excess waste. That's a natural detox.

Detoxing has many benefits, including improved complexion, better breath, better digestion, and a more robust immune system.

Living Water 
H3O2 water is sometimes called "living" water. That's because structured water carries more nutrients and it's loaded with revitalizing energy.

So, H3O2 structured water is naturally healthier for us and even good for pets.

H3O2 Water Is Eco-Friendly 
Americans throw away 60-million plastic water bottles every day. Ninety percent end up in landfills. You eliminate all that plastic waste when you make H3O2 water in your own home.

How to Make H3O2 Water
Energetic resonance technology can turn ordinary tap water into healthy, ultra-hydrating H3O2 structured water. The process is quick and economical.

Why drink bad-tasting tap water, or waste money on bottled water when you can have pure, clean H3O2 water in your own home? Making your own structured water gives you better hydration while saving money and the environment.

Improve Your Drinking Water
There are plenty of drinks that hydrate you to different extents, including multiple kinds of water. Choosing the one our bodies crave, H3O2 water, just makes sense. And you can make your own clean, hydrating, toxin-free structured water right in your own home.

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