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3 Health Benefits of Drinking Hexagonal Water

Hexagonal water has some amazing benefits for your health. But what is hexagonal water, and how can you get it in your home?3 Health Benefits of Drinking Hexagonal WaterIn this article, we will explain three health benefits of drinking hexagonal water. Also, we'll explain how easy it is to supply your entire home with hexagonal water.What is Hexagonal Water?Sometimes referred to as magnetized or structured water, hexagonal water refers to water that has undergone some modification to form hexagonal clusters.The idea behind hexagonal water is that it's similar to water that isn't contaminated or polluted by humans. Because of these qualities, hexagonal water is considered healthier than tap or filtered water.It is believed that hexagonal water can be found naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other uncontaminated sources. Other ways to turn any water into hexagonal, or structured water, are:Using a vortexing process to magnetize itExposing it to UV (ultraviolet) or infrared lightHaving it exposed to sunlight and natural heatUsing gemstone water bottlesBenefits of Drinking Hexagonal WaterHydration with hexagonal water has health benefits that are vital to human body cells. Several research studies on structured water indicate consuming hexagonal water promotes cellular healing in human beings. But what are some of the other benefits?Energy BoostHumans cannot function without energy. Drinking hexagonal water boosts immunity and improves energy. Structured water is an energy source that can be used to replenish our internal "batteries" that need the energy to function. The cellular and metabolic functions of our body are optimized when our body is sufficiently "charged." Furthermore, hexagonal water is highly hydrating and detoxifying.Immune System SupportTo increase immunity, it is essential to drink clean water. In order to keep disease-causing microorganisms at bay, one needs a healthy immune system. Hexagonal water supports immunity in a number of ways. By improving hydration and bioavailability,  healthy cellular function is promoted. Hexagonal water facilitates the absorption of oxygen into the cells, resulting in a healthy and functioning body. Hydration at its bestIt is important for us all to stay hydrated. But the water that is released from regular water filters does not enable us to maintain this optimal hydration. There are many benefits to drinking hexagonal water instead of regular filtered water. It reduces the need to consume larger quantities of liquid in order to stay hydrated.How To Get Hexagonal Water At HomeNow that you know the benefits of drinking hexagonal water, getting the right water filter for your home is essential.Aquanity Aqualizer is a great water filtration system for the entire family.This filter can be installed without tools or a plumber's help and requires no special skills whatsoever. In a matter of days, you can have better tasting, hexagonal water without the addition of chemicals. Utilizing our Aqualizer will help reduce plastic consumption, and eliminate the need for bottled water as well as the possibility for contaminants in the water system itself. Contact Us for more info.