Revitalize your Water, Enhance your Wellness!

A water revitalization device that will improve the quality, taste and texture of your tap water.

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The Aqualizer

An easy-to-use device that fits easily onto the plumbing in your home. Made from a single piece of our uniquely developed silicon and quartz composite, it does not contain any magnetic, chemical or perishable parts.

New Energetic Resonance

Advanced Energetic Resonance Technology

Aqualizer is based on our advanced energetic resonance technology that revitalizes water as it flows.

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Total Price: 58.00$

Pure water by Aquanity

Explore the benefits of Aquanity water

Removes metallic taste from water and enhances taste and flavors in food and cooking 

Better Taste

Reduce buildup of limescale on appliances, surfaces, fittings and plumbing

Reduce Limescale

Proven also to support and enhances growth speed and greenery plants

Plant Growth

Aquilizer is a cheap proven technology enabling every household to enjoy all its advantages


Installs in seconds exactly where you need it without any technical knowhow

Fast Installing

Enhances the power and efficacy of detergent so you can use less when cleaning

Less Detergents

Reduction of limescale extends the life and cost of heating element replacement in boilers

Protects Elements

Being small and mobile Aquilizers can be moved from place to place at any time 


Aquanity Aqualizer

What kind of water do you drink?

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