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Farming with Structured Water

Structured water has many benefits, including health benefits when consumed by both people and pets, a better taste and improved quality of water. It can also be more eco-friendly by reducing the use of single-use plastics. There are also many positives concerning farming with structured water.

What is Structured Water?
Also known as hexagonal or magnetized water, structured water is essentially water that has a different molecular pattern. The chemical composition, however, remains the same.  

When water molecules are arranged hexagonally, regular water becomes more like that found naturally inside icebergs and in unpolluted mountain streams and springs. In essence, structured water systems return tap water to a more natural state.   

Structured Water for Agriculture
In farming, there are two main uses of hexagonal water: Irrigating crops and hydrating livestock.

Hydration is not only essential for actual plants, but also in maintaining soil quality and ensuring a healthy microbiome. Using structured water for crops can:

  • Improve the water quality
  • Reduce the amount of water used
  • Help to balance soil minerals
  • Revitalize the soil
  • Enable plants to better absorb nutrients
  • Result in better plant growth
  • Improve the crop yield
  • Enhance the size, taste and color of crops
  • Increase the shelf life of crops
  • Lessen the need for fertilizers
  • Give farmers greater control over water availability, quality and use

Using structured water for growing crops essentially helps farmers to increase crop quality and quantity while simultaneously using less water.

Additionally, using structured water for crop irrigation can also save money, as there is reduced water consumption, reduced energy consumption and less need for fertilizer use. These aspects also make the use of structured water in agriculture an environmentally-friendly method of farming.  

Structured water can also be used to hydrate animals on both small and large farms.

Water is essential when raising any animals, either for consumption or as pets. Livestock may include cattle, sheep and pigs, and farms may also raise poultry, such as chickens or turkeys, for consumption.

Using hexagonal water to hydrate farm animals can result in better animal health, greater immunity, more successful reproduction, enhanced taste, increased lifespan and larger growth.  

How to Make Structured Water
There are several methods of making magnetized water.

An easy way of DIY water structuring is to fill a container with tap water and stir for a few minutes until a whirlpool appears. After stirring, cover the water to prevent contamination and stand for several hours. While useful in the home for small-scale consumption, this isn’t, however, a feasible method in the farming industry.

Other DIY techniques to energize structured water include:

  • Passing water through vortex-creating funnels
  • Exposing water to natural heat sources
  • Exposing water to infrared or ultraviolet light

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