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The Basics and Benefits of Hexagonal Water

From Coal to a Diamond

To help you understand a little more about the science of hexagonal water, we will take a quick look at the molecular structure of coal and diamonds.

 Let’s say we have some carbon molecules and we want to create a bunch of coal and a bunch of diamonds. If we arrange the carbon molecules in a random, haphazard manner, we get coal. Then we apply heat and pressure to the coal. This rearranges the carbon molecules, moving them into a clean, tight lattice structure. We now have diamonds.

So coal and diamonds are both made from the same carbon molecules. The only difference is that coal has messy molecular alignment and diamonds have a structured molecular alignment. Same chemicals inside both, but the molecular alignment has created very different physical properties.

Hexagonal Water: The Basics

Now let’s look at the molecular structure of tap water versus hexagonal water.

If the water molecules are arranged in a random, haphazard manner, you get tap water. If the water molecules are arranged in a hexagonal shape, like a honeycomb, you have what we now call hexagonal water or structured water. Both waters have the same chemical makeup, but the structure causes hexagonal water to have unique properties (and benefits).

 Hexagonal is the natural state of water when it is deep inside natural springs, trapped in icebergs, and flowing down a rocky mountain stream. Humans break apart this natural hexagonal structure when we trap water unnaturally inside tanks and pipes. This causes hydrogen bonds to break, molecules to scatter, and we end up with unstructured tap water.

Hexagonal Water: The Benefits

One of the major benefits of structured water is that the water molecules basically "hold hands" with each other and refuse to let pollutants, contaminants, and chemicals into their hexagonal structure. Just like diamonds where the strongest structure can keep out mineral impurities, hexagonal water keeps out impurities like lime, sulphur, chlorine, and other metals.

 The second major benefit is that hexagonal water is proving to be better for your body. Research is showing that the water that surrounds the cells and the DNA in our bodies have a hexagonal structure. So it is little wonder people are reporting health improvements after consuming hexagonal water. These health benefits include improvements to:

  • energy
  • memory
  • weight loss
  • sleep
  • immune system
  • removal of body toxins
  • digestion and bowel movements
  • skin complexion
  • blood sugar

Also, don’t forget that hexagonal water tastes great! Unless you have sipped water from a mountain spring, you’ve never experienced what water is actually supposed to taste like.

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