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Water Test, Better Test
The Benefits of Improving Your Home's Water

It is predicted that by 2025, half of the world's population will live in water-stressed areas. Although this statistic is worrisome, there are devices in the works to combat this issue. Even now you may have dirty water in your home without realizing it. This is why a water test is essential for homeowners. If your water quality is not great, you need a fix for your home. Read on to learn about the benefits of improving water quality.

Better Water

Perhaps the most obvious, yet best reason to complete a water test is that you'll get an understanding of your water. In water treatment, chlorine and chloramines are used to create a strong odor among other negative effects. When you improve your home's water quality, you avoid these chemicals. Heated chlorine can emit harmful gases into the air. Chlorine water in general can cause symptoms like dizziness, red eyes, and headaches. Along with those chemicals, you may have parasites swimming around in your drinking water. Most of these organisms survive because the water is not treated properly. The symptoms of consuming these parasites are more detrimental as they can cause intestinal and digestive problems. Water treatment will eliminate all of the above hazards and more. Not to mention, clean water just tastes better. When water is rid of the nasty contaminants, you are likely to enjoy the taste of water again.

Clear Skin

A better test for water will show whether or not the water you are drinking is clean. If it is, you may experience clearer skin as a result. That's right, the water we drink, shower in, and even wash our clothes in is directly related to our skin. Exposure to contaminants in the water can lead to skin irritations including acne. With water treatment, like the Aqualizer, you can be breakout-free even though you are drinking water straight from the tap.

Better Value

Having a water treatment for your tap can actually save you a lot of money. If you regularly drink bottled water, those days are over. Instead of buying a new case every time you go grocery shopping, you can start enjoying water right from the tap. Not only does this save you money, but it eliminates waste in your home and for our planet.

Clean Pipes

No longer are the days of dirty old pipes, you are past that! When you opt for a water treatment for your tap, you don't have to worry about buildup on appliances, fittings, boilers, plumbing, or surfaces.

Do You Need a Water Test?

A water test is a better test for any homeowner that finds drinking out of the tap a scary alternative. After completing the test, you can see for yourself if improving water quality is necessary. Chances are, you'll have contaminants in your water that you didn't even know about. That doesn't mean all hope is lost for your tap water. To reap the above benefits, all you need is our Aquanity Aqualizer. If you have any questions regarding our product, contact us today.