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What Is H3O2? 5 Things You Need to Know

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What is H3O2?
Read on to learn five facts about it!

  • What Is H3O2?
    Most people know water by the chemical structure H2O, as it consists of two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen.So, seeing this new chemical structure most likely raises questions about H3O2, also known chemically as hydroxide or living water.When this asymmetrical bonding occurs between hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the H3O2 structure, it creates the fourth phase of water. In this crystallized state, water behaves as a gel.
  • Formation of the H3O2 Molecule
    How does structured water form? To create this type of chemical bonding, you need energy.Energy comes in all different forms. For instance, we commonly use heat to change chemical structures in cooking.With meat, it denatures proteins, making it easier to chew. Add excessive heat to water though and it evaporates, so you need a different type of energy. Vortex energy applied to H2O can create H3O2. Infrared rays can also change water to its structured form. Minerals with a specific energy signature may also change water into its fourth phase.
  • H3O2 Fruit 
    You do not actually drink all of the water that you take in. This may sound silly, but you actually eat a good portion of it.Fruit contains structured water. In this form, it holds in the fiber and nutrients that make the fruit so nutritious. This form of water actually hydrates you better than liquid drinking water.
  • H302 Molecule in the Human Body
    You may know that the human body should contain about 60% water. But, did you know that it all does not run through you in liquid form?Inside your cells, a substance called cytoplasm holds crucial organelles into place and allows carriers to move through to import, export, and transport other substances.We now know that the water within your cytoplasm is not H2O. It is in the form of H3O2, just as it is in fruit.
  • Health Benefits of H3O2 Water
    In structured form, water contains lower surface tension. This causes it to attract more nutrients.By doing so, it carries more nutrients into your cells. On the flip side, it also attaches to toxins on its way out to cleanse your system.This type of water may help improve your energy levels and mood. With improved nutrient intake your immune system will work better in fighting off illness.You will also heal faster. Hydrate with H3O2 to boost your brainpower as well. 

Discover All of the H3O2 UsesDrink H3O2 water daily to improve your overall health. Take it with you to conveniently avoid spills while keeping yourself hydrated.We want to help you improve the quality of your tap water.
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